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Curls on the go (phone app)

kinkycurlyDTkinkycurlyDT Posts: 380Registered Users
Hello chica's!
Has anyone downloaded this app??? I have an iPhone and noticed this for the first time in my app store last night. It allows you to pick you hair type (or at least the most prevalent type on your head lol), and choose you favorite products. If you put in your location, it tells you how your hair will act for the days depending on the weather (frizzy ,dry ect). It also gives you names of salons in your area, and it recommends products for your hair type, & allows you to choose our fav products for your hair type! Check it out, I'll be playing with it for the next couple of days to see if it's accurate with how may hair reacts to the weather!!!!


  • anaturalmeanaturalme Posts: 82Registered Users
    Is it free?
  • CerendipityCerendipity Posts: 5,091Registered Users Curl Novice
    Waiting on the android version

    Yeahhhhhboi, Im on my smartphone!!!
  • ttlollattlolla Posts: 948Registered Users
    Waiting on the android version

    Yeahhhhhboi, Im on my smartphone!!!

    Me too
  • kinkycurlyDTkinkycurlyDT Posts: 380Registered Users
    anaturalme wrote: »
    Is it free?

    Yes ma'am! It's free! :-)
  • anaturalmeanaturalme Posts: 82Registered Users
    Oh Ok I have a Droid so I am waiting to.
  • kinkycurlyDTkinkycurlyDT Posts: 380Registered Users
    Awwwwwee everyone has a droid!!! :-/
  • A. LoveA. Love Posts: 519Registered Users

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  • GretchenGretchen Administrator Posts: 9,001Administrators, Moderators Administrator
    We hope to have the Android version done by early August. Thanks for your patience! It'll be worth the wait! :)

    NaturallyCurly.com co-founder

    You are beautiful!
  • Al1020BlueAl1020Blue Posts: 147Registered Users
    Gretchen wrote: »
    We hope to have the Android version done by early August. Thanks for your patience! It'll be worth the wait! :)

    Can't wait I WILL be looking for it...seems pretty cool...for those that do have an iphone and have downloaded that app...how goes it?
    If at first you don't succeed you must try, try, try again...:disgust:

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  • KrisyCurlKrisyCurl Posts: 39Registered Users
    I just download the app and I'm uber excited! I'm loving it already!!
  • JessicazFroJessicazFro Posts: 1,446Registered Users
    Nother droid checkin in. Lol!

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