All my WA state curly gurlies!!

CurlPearlCurlPearl Posts: 55Registered Users
Hey, show me your state spirit!!! This is a place for all u Washingtonians to raise ur hand, wave ur flag & give a shout out!

BUT ALSO: My hair texture is approx 3b/3c (90% of time, the latter) and I'm thinking I want side swept bangs and some type of layering thing going on... I am also going to get a small streak of hair wefted in. Getting to the point, I'm kinda in need of a new hairstylist in the Seattle/Redmond/Bellevue/Duvall area of WA state. So if you think you've got the best, awesomest, most experienced, master stylist eeeeever, then, please post & tell me their names and where he/she works at. Then, I can get a fresh start and begin to embrace my curls!

Hey, maybe I'll even see ya there!

(Uhhh, actually strike out that last part about seeing you there-- no offense, but then I might think you're stalking me or something and freak out! Yeaaa, sadly, I'm like that sometimes... )


  • Carpool CurlyCarpool Curly Posts: 68Registered Users
    Did you find a stylist? I'm looking for one in the same geographic area. It seems there's a gal at 7 in Bell Square who's good.
  • reenireeni Posts: 149Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    If you want to drive to Tacoma, anyone at "The Beach House Salon" on N 21st will give you a wonderful style.

    You can look them up on Facebook, and on their website.
    What a WONDERFUL day!!

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