Why for my hair feel this way?

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Hey everyone! So here's the thing. I am new to this site and the Cg method. I've been doing Cg for about two months. I found nc.com by googling "why does my hair feel like straw after shampoo..."

As I started to learn about cg I thought that the sulfates in shampoo were making my hair stick together and feel like straw after rinsing the shampoo out... So I began purchasing tons of no poo products on line, and I have been co washing as well. I'm basically experimenting and trying to figure out what works for me. Today I sent my hair strands in to be analyzed by live curly live free. I've been told (by two stylists) that my hair is fine (although it seems course to me, the strands seem thick and wiry...) and I believe that my hair is extremely porus (I feel small "catches" or bumps when I run my two fingers up a strand). The elasticity seems to be getting better and better (because of moisture I assume but I really have no clue...). Anyway i can't wait to get those results back...

In my search for products / a routine that is right for me and my hair I've hit a bump... When trying a shampoo by Shea moisture I experienced the EXACT same thing that sulfate laden shampoos had produced... That nasty brittle, all stuck together/matted, can't move it, can't tell if it's all rinsed out hair... Seriously feels like a plastic straw helmet...

And AGAIN when using kc come clean. Same thing. For a minute I thought maybe a protein sensitivity... But I dont think the Shea moisture or the kccc have protein... I'm at a loss. I would love some direction from any of you ladies who might I've some to share!


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    Oops posted in the wrong place!
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    Have u tried giovanni 50/50?? Heard it works well u might even need a deep moisturizer.

    It might feel like straw cuz the shampoo is doing it's job? Do u condition immediately or let it dry?

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