Ain't No Shine To It

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I hear the phase "you're hair looks dull" almost everyday and it kinda brings down my self esteem as a curly teen. I use a combination of Curls products and Shea Moisture. No matter what I do my hair just won't shine like people want it to! What should I do to get it to at least have sheen?

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    Rinsing with cold water as your final rinse after washing helps close the cuticle and may help with the shine, a avc helps the same way. I dont know if u use oils on your hair? :) I'm a curly teen too and coconut oil is one of my farvorites for shine.
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    I'm a curly teen also, and I hate it when people try to change or correct my hair! I've been told by other kids to get a perm, but i like my natural curls. If YOU want it to be shiny, then i recommend going to target ( they have a wide variety) and getting a shine product. If you don't really care about how shiny it is then tell them that and move on. It's your hair!
    Good luck!
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    SheaM was notorious for leaving my hair dull when I tried it.

    Try using an oil or butter as a finish. A medium or heavy oil like castor, olive, meadowfoam oil etc

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    Castor oil will add shine to it :)
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    ttlolla wrote: »
    Castor oil will add shine to it :)

    +1 I also use castor oil. a little goes a long way because it's very heavy.
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    I have a lot of trouble with shine too and I've tried olive, castor, and coconut oil and none gave me the sheen I was looking for... grapeseed oil did the trick.

    Keep in mind nothing will make your hair shine if you have product build up so consider clarifying your hair first.

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    It depends and because of the coiled texture it doesn't reflect light like straight/straighter hair types. My natural hair isn't shiny. I can have a bit of sheen when I use oils like coconut oil and castor oil.