hair dye question- unnatural colors??

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my hair is naturally dark brown. and i want to dye it bright colors,ive just gotten to leaving it natural, and im trying to undo flat ironing damage, so i dont want to damage. my friend dyes her hair a lot, but only bleaches once. do you think bleaching it is worth it? i really dont want to lose my curl pattern. i've used manic panic in red passion and ultra violet, the red showed up and lasted about a week, but the purple just made my hair look darker. i want better results any suggestions?
:color: i love bright colors- and i wish i was naturally blonde so i could just dye it already!!!
and thankyou :)
i like this:
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    I bleached my hair once about 4 years ago and would never use it again. Just about two months ago since I did my big chop I decided to use the box dye to change my color. With that I have not noticed any breakage and it didnt not leave my hair dry and damaged looking. I am too in love with bright bold colors when it comes to hair, so i dont know maybe you can dye it with the box dye and then after a couple of weeks put a the color rinse of your choice over top of it. I originally dyed my hair lightest bleach blonde and it turned my hair many shades of orange (which i loved-only cuz i dare to be different) but recently i noticed the color fading because of how frquently I was washing my hair. So i went to my local beauty supply store and purchase the brightest orange they had (by ADORE) and now im satisfied. All im saying is that there are many ways to get the color you want without dying it(over processing)or bleaching it so many times. I hope this helps.
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    Bleaching is the only way you're going to get excellent color results.

    But what will you have left? Frizzy fried hair that will be a royal pain in the you know where to grow out.

    I recommend thinking about how much money you will have spent on the upkeep of wild hair and take that amount (I'm guessing a couple of hundred) and buy yourself the most amazing fun exciting wig you can find.

    And wear it when the mood strikes or when you go out...

    It'll be so much fun and the fact you can take it off when you want will be great too.
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    I agree with the two ladies above me, bleaching is the only method to get bright, colorful results.

    Whether bleaching is a definite death sentence for your hair though, it depends how you go about it. For example recently i tried making red highlights throughout my hair (and although i failed miserably) there was no damage to my hair. However, my hair was in excellent condition before i bleached, and this may be why i suffered no consequences :-o

    If you wanna go for it id recommend subtle highlights so that you dont have to put as much bleach in your hair. But if you feel your hair is not in top condition- dont do it! a kitty cat...and i dance dance dance :blob7:
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