Can my hair do this??

CurlyshurlyCurlyshurly Registered Users Posts: 6
I have 4a hair! I was wondering if I could get it like cymphonique ( a teen singer) If u've never seen her
Do you think I could get my hair like this?


  • KsLiZCuRlZKsLiZCuRlZ Registered Users Posts: 272
    The only way that you can do that is if you do a braid out/twist out or some other style to stretch your hair
    CG..yep that's me!

  • SempathSempath Registered Users Posts: 22
    I think her hair is 3c/4a. You also have to account for photoshop.

    I think you could use a small roller set, then fluff out the curls until they're that big. Make sure you add plenty of oil/moisture. Her hair looks pretty dry.

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