3a long hair -> asymmetrical cut?

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So I used to have short hair, which looked like this when curly:

and this when straightened with a flat iron:


Now, my hair is basically all one length, with a few front layers. It's about halfway down my back:


Since my hair is longer, the curls are looser and easier to straighten with an iron. However, I'm thinking of cutting my hair into an asymmetrical style, such as:


I have been through the whole short-hair phase, and I realize how much of a pain it is (literally) to iron close to your head, which is how short the hair might turn out to be. I'm now looking at chemical straighteners, and have no idea where to turn! I do have lightly highlighted hair, and am about a 3a in curl-talk. I was curious if anyone has tried this style before, or if anyone has any insight into the whole do-it-yourself straightening deal. Cost really isn't an issue; I just want something that will last for more than a few weeks. Sorry for all the links and the ridiculously long post-- but thanks, all! :D

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