Straighten hair with fan?

BearBear Posts: 23Registered Users
Has anybody tried straightening their hair with a fan like this? This girl does it in this video:
YouTube - ‪*BEST* NO HEAT Tutorial For Straight Hair‬‏

She sits in front of the fan and constantly brushes her hair while pulling it taut. It works well on her and I do have the time to experiment, but her hair is not very curly. I have 2c hair, so it's not super curly, but do you think it would work, or would it just get puffy and frizzy? Any opinions would be appreciated :)
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  • Curly-AsianCurly-Asian Posts: 104Registered Users
    Yes, it will, but it will take a lot of work. What she pretty much is doing is starting with wet hair and then with the brush, she is stretching her hair while the cool air from the fan dries her hair as it lays; straight or as straight as she makes her hair.

    This pretty much works the same way as if you are blowdrying your hair on the cool setting while brushing your hair.
  • The Spiral QueenThe Spiral Queen Posts: 54Registered Users
    It didn't work on me. It made my hair really frizzy...
  • BearBear Posts: 23Registered Users
    Just an update. I've tried this twice and both times I had pretty good results. I paddle brushed in front of the fan for about 20 mins, then brushed it with a straightening brush (no heat), and then tied it back in a ponytail and let it air-dry. It was definitely not straight, but the wave was much looser. This might not work for everyone since my hair is wavy, but I say it's a worth a shot if you wanna loosen a little without heat! :mrgreen:
    fine, 2c
    just doin my wavy thang :glasses1:
    PW: bayu

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