O/T Rant Forever 21 sucks!!

tae082tae082 Posts: 537Registered Users
So I finally got the order I placed last week and there is one major problem. The white fedora hat I ordered is not in the box. I call and they tell me I have to wait for an investigation which will take 10-14 days and I will get a refund. Since the hat I wanted is no longer in stock that is all they can do. I asked if I could get a different hat sent to me in its place and they refuse. Excuse me? You mess up my order and now you won't fix it the way I prefer. Total BS. Now I made an order large enough to use the free shipping. If I were to place a new order which would only be for a hat since they have one similar to the one I ordered in the first place I would have to pay shipping and I do not think that is fair. I didn't mess up they did. I won't be ordering from them again. Fcuk that!!!

I want my fcuking hat!!! It was going to go perfectly with these cut sandals I bought. I am pissed!!!