Can my hair be protein sensitive??

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Hey sistas I am in need of some advice.i have ben natural going on 2 years august and I thought I figured out this hair but it is still full of surprises.

So here it goes, back when I was a newbie I had a horrific incident with devacare left my hair stiff and haylike for 2 weeks! I came on here and ranted about my experience on hopes that some1 would help me get my hair back. Long behold I received an overwhelming amount of info that really helped.

Recently I can't seem to figure out why the ends of my hair is so brittle. The only diffrence is its soft but brittle to the touch.

I was doing a flat twist bantu knot, I used samy big curl creame and kimmaytube leave. Mind u these are both trusted products and I have used them times before and got great results. I haven't used them together tho so that could have done it.

I would like to add that 2 days prior to doing the bantu knot I have kimmatube leave in and shea butter.

Do you think my hair may be sensitive to protein, if so what ingredients should I watch out for?

Thanks in advance for your feedback
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