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BlackHoney215BlackHoney215 Registered Users Posts: 13
While getting my braids done I noticed that the braider used mousse and hair grease on my dry hair, she said it makes hair easier to braid ( :?: ). She finished by smoothing a layer of mousse on the braids.

I didn't mind the hair grease (that's what was used on my hair when I got braids as a kid) but the only time I used mousse before was to hold my wet wrap in place while I sat under the dryer. I always hated the way my hair felt after using it-dry and crunchy.

Are they any other products I can used in place of mousse?


  • crimson_mariecrimson_marie Registered Users Posts: 25
    You may want to use a nice conditioner (as a leave-in) or an actual leave-in conditioner to maintain some hold... not too much, a little bit should do. Also, if you feel adventurous, I highly recommend a tiny bit of honey (a drop or two) mixed with your favorite gell or lotion. This provides the BEST lightweight, smooth and natural hold! A bit of a warning: many users claim honey might slightly lighten your hair over an extended period of time, but i haven't seen any change in my hair and i use it several times a week.

    Hope that helps!

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