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Every morning my son wakes up all he asks for is junk. Chips icee pbj sandwiches. Sometimes he asks for fruit but for the most part its junk. He never wants to eat food no matter if I try and bribe him with rewards. I want him to eat nutritious like me and I am getting really frustrated.I cook food he never eats it. What do I do?!? I can't starve him. The doctor said he wont starve but I am putting my foot down on peanut butter sandwiches everyday.


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    He won't starve.....
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    PB on whole wheat bread isn't a bad meal. How old is your son?
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    i know that man cannot live by healthy foods alone; sometimes you just have to have salty chips or a sugary snack. BUT, your son is begging because he knows you keep those types of food in your house.

    if you eat healthful foods, why do you keep so much junk in your house in the first place? (i'm not finger-wagging; just genuinely curious.)

    maybe you could give him an option of 3 healthy things for breakfast, that way he'll feel in control of his choice and may be more likely to eat at least part of it.

    or like others have said ... he won't starve. when his stomach is touching his spine, he'll realize defeat and eat what you offer him. :iconbiggrin:

    both of our kids, fortunately, have always been healthy eaters. but i still made it fun sometimes by giving them tooth picks, for example, to eat chopped up fruit or meat. maybe making the delivery "different" will distract him into eating something that he would otherwise reject.

    chop up apples and give him a honey-peanut butter dipping sauce for breakfast. i agree that peanut butter isn't necessarily bad (although not a complete nutritionally packed food to eat day in and day out). if he likes cheese, give him apples and cheese (they go great together) or cheese toast on whole grain bread.

    good luck.
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    There's nothing wrong with PB sandwiches every day. Fruit is good too.

    If you don't keep junk food in the house, he can't eat junk.

    Kids will eat good food if good food is available to them and they are hungry. If they are full of junk, then they won't be hungry to eat the good food.
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    Jenny C wrote: »
    PB on whole wheat bread isn't a bad meal. How old is your son?
    He is three and I have honey wheat but not whole
  • anaturalmeanaturalme Registered Users Posts: 82
    Yea I don't eat all healthy foods but I don't eat all junk either. Thanks for the tips! Keep in mind he visits with his dad regularly and I think their diet consists of fast food so its not all me. Thanks I will try the apples and cheese and toothpicks etc.
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    I agree with everyone else. PBJ is not bad on wheat (or honey wheat bread). :)

    I would give 2 choices for breakfast/lunch..let him pick. If he wants neither than say okay you won't eat until Lunchtime. I've done this...usually my kids pick one and eat it. Not a big deal.

    Dinner time...I choose what's for dinner. When mine were 2 and under and they were trying something new...I would alternate bites with something they a banana. I could get my son to eat anything if I gave a small bite of banana inbetween. This helped broaden his palate...and sometimes...after the first bite or two he would just eat it because he discovered he liked it. Then I would give him the banana at the end.

    Good Luck. I know it's hard especially when he gets all junk at daddy's. But at least at your house...he will know that sugary food is a treat...not an norm. :D
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    You can't control what goes on at dad's house, but in my experience kids learn pretty quick that different places have different rules. Don't keep junk in the house and I agree with offering limited choices and if he doesn't want, he can wait till the next meal.

    Peanut butter is good. You can put fruit like apples in a peanut butter sandwich or just offer apple slices to dip in peanut butter as a snack.

    The polly-o string cheese is another good healthy snack that most kids like.
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    Make sure what he eats is as nutritious as possible (100% whole wheat bread, whole fruit preserves and natural peanut or almond butter) and dont allow junk and dont keep it the house. I would have no problem feeding a healthy pb&j daily and add fruits and veggies to round it out.
    He wont starve not even close. When he is truly hungry, he will eat. I doubt he would skip more than 1 or 2 meals.
    In the meantime, make eating fun.
    Cut food into fun shapes, allow healthy dipping sauces, use special plates. Make healthy smoothies using yogurt and frozen fruit with protein powder added. These are like milk shakes.
    You can make "ice cream" with frozen bananas or
    Freeze yogurt and add fresh fruit.
    Lots of ways to make eating fun yet healthy. Control what you can and lay the best foundation that you can.

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