Update: 'Single HUGE Pimple' problem solved

curlynikkicurlynikki Posts: 2,420Registered Users
A few months ago, I posted about my monthly, very large and angry pimple...asking for advice and tips on how to get rid of it. It comes up in the same place every time (my chin) and lasts for nearly 2 weeks! I rarely get other pimples and when I do, it clears up in a few days.

While home on Christmas break, I tried my sisters prescription of Differin Gel when I felt my monthly visitor popping up. I quickly applied the gel and the very next day, it had completely retreated. I've tried a million tricks and products and this is the only one that worked. My pimple is gone and shows no signs of returning!

Needless to say, I promptly went out and filled a prescription of Differin for myself :D


  • EilonwyEilonwy Posts: 12,389Registered Users
    Congrats! Weird how there can be a magic bullet for things like that, while nothing else will work.