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ive seen a few posts about ladies using something called daily fix, wondering what exactly it is and where i can get it....

i even saw where someone said it helped to adjust the chemicals in her hair from hard water somehow


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    Daily fix is a cleansing conditioner (sort of like Wen) that Curl Junkie makes. I recently started using it and I love it! It cleanses your hair and leaves it very moisturized at the same time. You can get it from:
    1. The Curl Junkie website
    2. Curlmart
    3. Amazon
    4. Aveyou.com, this is where I get it from. Incredibly fast shipping (usually next day for me. I live in NYC and company is in Jersey and it's only $1!!!)
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    You can also get a sample to try from Kathy Mack - look for the link to her Fokti in her signature (I last saw her in the low porosity section if you're wondering where to find her). That's how I got hooked up with the Daily Fix initially, and believe me, it is addicting! :laughing4:
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  • curlykristxcurlykristx Registered Users Posts: 445
    thanx ladies
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    I want to try this!!!! Sounds awesome!!!!!!
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