It's been a while....I know just checking in!!!

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Hi All!

I know it has been such a long time... I am sorry I just haven't had the time to log in and things have been stressful as of late around here.

Hubby officially graduated with his PhD in June but has been unable to find a job in his field and got the heave ho from the Patent office in Jan so with both of us looking for work and money dwindling down things have been a bit rough. I thought it would be a piece of cake to get work again since I'm an admin but haven't had the luck I thought and even my old job isn't hiring...

Let's see.... Kiddo update Liam turns 5 in August and heads off to Kindergarten (sniff sniff :sad2: ) and Colin turns 18 months on July 13th. We are having Colin evaluated by MD early intervention soon cause We think he has a speech delay I am trying not to think about autism (trying to keep it out of my mind) but it creeps back now and then. He answers when I call his name (mostly) and can follow simple commands and questions so we will see what they say.

I hope everyone is well... thanks to Inheritedcurls for PMing me... I just got those today! :love5:



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    Glad to hear from you!

    Don't jump to worrisome conclusions about Liam. It could very well be a language delay and nothing more. Not that a language delay is trivial, but I think that requires fewer interventions than autism. Autism is characterized by (a) impairments in social interaction, (b) impairments in language, and (c) repetitive and stereotypical behavior. All three areas have to be there. Although my husband and I have never truly been worried that Connor has autism, we've had a "concerned" comment or two from relatives and I've read extensively about it.

    Connor turned 4 in December, and we have suspected that he has a language delay since he was about 2. I have had him evaluated by the state EI program and our school district, but for various reasons, I don't have the highest confidence in the free public programs. We just had him evaluated by this organization, and my husband and I were very happy with our experience there. They are located in Nashville, and there is a fee, but I was able to pay for it from our health savings account (HSA). PM me if you want any more info, phone numbers, etc. and I'd be happy to help you.

    BTW, Connor has (as we've thought all along) a receptive and expressive language delay. He definitely does not have apraxia, ADHD, or autism.

    Best wishes for job hunting and congratulations to your husband on completing the Ph.D.
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    Good to see you! :flower:
    Congrats to hubby on the PhD...that's awesome.
    Yes, try not to worry! The most important thing is you're approaching this early....g/l!

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    Oh Deedles, I have been worried about you. I'm glad you finally posted. I can't believe I missed this post the last few days.

    Congrats to hubby, I'm sure that is a wonderful feeling!!

    Like the others said...sounds like he has good interaction it might just be a normal speech delay. I've heard this is common in the 2nd kiddo just because the oldest talks for them. But not having had to deal with this...I'm really not an expert. It's good that you have him checked for peace of mind. :)

    I hope one of you finds a job quickly...I can't imagine the stress with that.

    Please don't be gone so long again. :) I miss ya!
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    I was wondering about you too! I can't believe how big your boys are now. Congrats on hubby's PhD! Looking for work is so stressful. I hope something comes up soon for both of you. Best of luck on the EI evaluation. We are having Nate evaluated this month for a speech delay. He spent most of the winter/spring with ear infections and is very hard to understand. We may be looking at tubes also (going to ENT tomorrow). FWIW, we've had good experiences with EI. Most kids can find some benefit from what they offer, so if he qualifies, it's a win-win. Anyway, good to "see" you!
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    Hi deedles!
    Congratulations to your husband, and best of luck in finding work, getting a speech evaluation, etc. Good to see you!
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    It's so nice to hear from you!

    Congrats on hubby's PhD... what an amazing accomplishment for both of you!

    I'm sending good job vibes your way....something will turn up soon, I'm sure.

    Keep us posted on Connor's eval.

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    Just a quick update.... first off thanks to everyone for the good vibes and notes *HUGS*

    Had Colin evaluated today by a Speech Pathologist and Early Childhood Educator.

    First off she pretty much ruled out autism (deep relief!) since he is reacting to us and answers to me and doesn't show any early warning signs for autism. The educator spent all of the time on the floor with Colin playing with him and asking him stuff (pointing at items) giving him stuff inside boxes and wanting him to get it out or put it in...

    Final Diagnosis.. Cognitive Skills were fine right on the border of 17/18 month old but there is a language delay so he does qualify for speech therapy. The goal they set is 15 words by 2 years old. I am so glad I had the evaluation done and hoping for good things

    Liam: 6 years old
    Colin: 3 years old
    Location: Williamsburg, Virginia
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    Glad it turned out not to be autism, and that you have a speech therapy program going.

    I remember my cousin's son at 18 months didn't talk, barely babbled, and not only wasn't walking but didn't pull up. I was convinced he had some bad neurological problem, but he was just late on those things -- caught up just fine and turned out to be a very bright boy. I hope the same for Colin.
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    Hey Deedles, thanks for the update. I'm glad to hear it's not autism...I'm sure Colin will be talking up a storm for you soon. :)

    Keep us updated!