Transitioning Problem! Please Help.

PopMamiPopMami Registered Users Posts: 12
Been transitioning about a year. Have a very nice length of hair. Shoulder length. But I've noticed that everywhere else on my hair my permed hair is almost gone, but I have extremely long bangs, and they're still permed and the majority of them are long. Does anyone else seem to have slow-growing edges, such as "the bang area?" Lol, thanks in advance loves! <3


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    Yeah that part of my hair is growing the slowest, but it's done that since forever. And the back of my hair always grew the fastest. I think it's pretty normal.

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    I think everyone's hair is like that, certain areas grow quicker than others/ one side of your hair grows faster.
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    Plus you have to think of it this way too. Each hair follicle is in a different stage (growth, rest, falling out) so therefore all strands are not going to be the same length at the same time. If they did then when it was time for our hair to fall out (excuse me I don't remember the technical term for it) we would all be bald headed at some point.

    So yea its pretty normal & be happy about it bc I don't know about you but I wouldn't do too well w/the shaved head look!
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  • ThisIsSoRavenThisIsSoRaven Registered Users Posts: 26
    I'm having that same exact problem :sad10: it sucks!


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