Help! Transitioning is harder than I thought"/

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Hola Everyone :)
I'm MiShannon and I'm 17 years old. I've been visiting Curl Talk a lot lately and the advice you all give is fantastic! As of right now I've been trasitioning for 3 months and my hair grows fairly fast! I decided to join because I need personal advice while I take this journey on becoming natural again :)
I tried going natural before and I went post relaxer for 6 months but I opted out because I was terrified.
Now that I have made up my mind, I'm kinda clueless... I am willing to learn everything there is to know about transitioning and bring out the natural me! I have decided to do the BC when my "new" hair is comfortable length!
My hair type is between a 3b/3c and a 4a... the middle all the way toward the back is 3c/4a but the front and my sides are 3b/3c! Also, one side of my hair only after 3 months would be completely curly with a little trimming! I want the best results for my little curls and I believe that you all can help me acheive that goal!!!

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!!!
Thank You all!!