How important is trimming your hair?

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Is it really necessary to trim natural hair? If so, how often should it be done?
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  • ShondadiniShondadini Posts: 205Registered Users
    Yea it's important to cut your split ends. I don't do major trims because I don't straighten my hair often. When my hairs out (it's in box braids now) I do "search and destroys" to hunt out splits ends every couple of weeks. It's not necessary to trim you hair often if you're not damaging your hair
  • NinjaretteNinjarette Posts: 3,982Registered Users
    I don't plan on trimming my hair till the end of the year. I'm off heat...I'm not even blowdrying, no peroxide color, and I take really good care of my ends. Plus, I'm in two-strand twists for the rest of the year.

    I didn't get split ends much, even when I used heat occasionally. I'm on a mission to grow my hair back, from a mini big chop to remove heat damaged hair, and I want my hair back, by spring of next year.

    So, I'm going to stay away from scissors, for a time....again, that's the plan. But if my hair starts to clown, then I'll have to trim it.

    Some people hardly ever trim their hair, and their hair is fine. Others follow the every 6-8 week rule. There is no right answer. Take care of your hair, and listen to it. If you want your ends to stay healthy and strong for the longest period of time, protect them and stay away from heat and peroxide color. If your hair starts to tangle really bad, or if the ends feel "rough", that may mean it's time to trim the ends.
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  • greenandchicgreenandchic Posts: 2,584Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I usually trim my hair once or twice a year - no more than 1/4" each time. I never straighten my hair so its not completely even, but I did get a professional trim last year where she was able to get it even without straightening my hair. THAT'S something I would never be able to do myself.

    I basically do it as needed.
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  • breathebreathe Posts: 399Registered Users
    Listen to your hair. My hair "acts up" every few months and lets me know to trim that ish.
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  • LaBeauteBoucleLaBeauteBoucle Posts: 92Registered Users
    It's funny I stumbled upon this thread cuz I literally just trimmed my ends like ten minutes ago. I'd say trim as needed. Feel your ends. If they're dry and crackly like mine were, and rough to touch then it might be time for a trim cuz those are all signs of damage. I hadn't trimmed my hair in over six months so I knew it was time ti whip out the scissors lol.

    Otherwise you might experience even more damage because your dead ends are causing even longer pieces of hair shaft to snap off as they get more and more tangle together if you're not careful. HTH :angel3:
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  • SuburbanbushbabeSuburbanbushbabe Posts: 15,402Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    For me it's essential. I get a trim 2-3 times a year. She doesn't trim much at all, but does correct my shape and take off any damaged ends.
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  • twirlygrannytwirlygranny Posts: 1,114Banned Users Curl Neophyte
    I like to do it about once per year...some times I trim and sometimes cut a few inches. The longest period I've ever gone is 16 months.
  • KandyLandKurlsKandyLandKurls Posts: 118Registered Users
    My daughter is 6, and I trimmed her hair last week. This is her very first trim! Her ends were very tangled, so I trimmed about an inch off. Her hair when stretched is waist length 3c/4a and we detangle so much quicker and it looks better. I don't plan on trimming until I see it becoming tangled again, which will hopefully be in a few years.
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  • v1k2a3t4v1k2a3t4 Posts: 89Registered Users
    I'd say do it as needed. I trimmed about an inch off of my twists in the front of my head, and my hair felt GREAT!
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  • AllycoilsAllycoils Posts: 147Registered Users
    breathe wrote: »
    Listen to your hair. My hair "acts up" every few months and lets me know to trim that ish.
    THIS! If I don't trim my hair every 3 months, my tangles get ridiculous. there's no "correct" answer to this question, it's all about what works for you and your hair.


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  • LadyV69LadyV69 Posts: 3,397Registered Users
    Trim your hair whenever it needs it. Forget that every 6-8 week schedule that stylists recommend. Your hair most likely won't need it that frequently. In my case, I have to trim twice a year, or about every six months, because that's how long it can take my hair to feel rough and ragged.
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  • FronomenalFronomenal Posts: 712Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Trimming is only as nessecary as you deem fit. Trim as needed (when you ends are excessively split, dry, crackly, etc).

    I trim (1/4-1/2 inch) twice a year. Initially, I didn't have a set schedule but I eventually realized that this timeframe correlates with what my hair "tells" me to do.

  • katblackkatblack Posts: 74Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I believe trimming of the hair is a personal choice. For some it may be necessary and for it is not necessary at all. If your hair reacts adversly from not trimming, then trim it. Simple really.
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  • luvmycurls81luvmycurls81 Posts: 6Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I trim 2x's a year and it works for me...not to mention those are the only 2x's I use heat as well ; )

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  • cysycacysyca Posts: 362Registered Users
    I never thought trimming was necessary with natural hair until I got one (hair was cut a little over one inch after blow-out). My curls are more defined, hair is more manageable, and I have no knots. It's definitely worth it. 

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  • Curly83Curly83 Posts: 140Registered Users
    Allycoils wrote: »
    breathe wrote: »
    Listen to your hair. My hair "acts up" every few months and lets me know to trim that ish.
    THIS! If I don't trim my hair every 3 months, my tangles get ridiculous. there's no "correct" answer to this question, it's all about what works for you and your hair.

    I agree with this. It all depends on what works for your hair. I tried to go a long period of time without trimming and it didn't work at all. I make sure to trim about every two months. It's also depends on how well you take care of your ends.
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