New to transitioning!!!

NaturallyVNaturallyV Registered Users Posts: 4
Hello all,
I'm so glad to finally be apart of a chat that provides support and advice!! This is my second time transitioning and I'm very excited!!! It's been two months now and I'm not sure if when I want to go and do the BC. For now I've been wearing protective styles (braids)... Any advice on how long the transition process should be?


  • ShondadiniShondadini Registered Users Posts: 205
    Welcome and good luck. Transitioning time frame is all about your comfort level with your hair. You can long term if you want your natural hair at a certain length or you can bc if you just wanna get rid of those dreaded permed ends. I transitioned for a year I wanted to go for 2 years. But one after I washed my hair and looked in the mirror I was so tried of those stupid ends I just went nuts with the scissors. Lol you'll know when your ready
  • NaturallyVNaturallyV Registered Users Posts: 4
    Thanks soo much! I'll see how long I can take it.
  • PopMamiPopMami Registered Users Posts: 12
    How long it will be is your choice darlin'. I've been doing it for almost a year now and I still haven't cut off my relaxed ends. I love twisties and twist-outs. My favorite transitioning styles. But I'm always looking for more.

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