They're trying to be nice :(

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All my friends love my hair! And I mean it. I get huge compliments every single day from at least two people. It's just that they don't always understand how self conscious I can get about my hair volume. In chorus the girls and boys behind me always play around with my hair. It gets a little tiring sometimes, but they're only being nice. One certain boy always likes to tell me how curly my hair is, and also how puffy it is. It's hard to tell if he's intentionally being hurtful or not, but I try to take it as a compliment. When I was walking home with him and my other friends on the last day of school, he told me he wanted to draw a picture of my shadow because it would look like I had a huge puffball on my head. Thanks, that was hurtful.
Even though they always say how puffy my hair is, girls and boys really do seem to like my hair. They love it so much, sometimes I'm thinking "hey guys, it's just curly hair, what's the big deal?". So, in the morning, when I'm feeling down about my hair, I just think about how many compliments, or just plain old comments I get, and that about 99% of them are nice. There will always be people who just have to say something mean, but I would just tell them that they're jealous if I came across them! I try to go with what people think of my hair, because their opinion is probably more accurate than mine.
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  • DedachanDedachan Posts: 1,644Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I have always had friends who tease each other playfully. And my family will sometimes tease me too, but overall they have always been supportive of my curls. If you think they like your hair despite the jokes, I would suggest you either not take it so seriously and laugh along or tell them politely how you feel so they know they've gone to far.
  • SusieSuzeSusieSuze Posts: 524Registered Users
    I had a client who was 7 feet tall a few years ago.

    It was really interesting because even though I knew he has probably talked about his height his whole life and didn't need yet another comment or question, I was still so intrigued I could not help myself and asked him what life was like being so tall.

    When there are people who have out-of-the-norm physical aspects to them that make them stand out in a good way, you can expect people will say things that they likely do not at all mean to be offensive. They are just genuinely curious!

    You have to learn to forgive those of us who are ignorant and can't help ourselves. Personally, I am just a simple 3b italian girl who would LOVE to dive my hands into a big poofy gorgeous head of wild curly natural fro.. just to feel it and experience it! I haven't actually pushed myself on anyone yet, but it may happen one day.. I just see myself now.. PLEASE CAN I FEEL YOUR HAIR?


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