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Hi all,
I'm delurking to ask if anyone knows any cheap (ie. drugstore) brands that do not test on animals. I need to reduce the amount of money I spend on my hair, but animal testing is just not something I'm willing to compromise on. I'm currently using Nature's Gate (available at natural foods stores), which isn't super expensive, but still. I use quite a bit of it as a co-wash--it's kinda thick for that anyway.

I live in the US and the most prominent chain around me is CVS, although there are some Walgreens and Brooks too.

Last time I was in a CVS I spent a good 20 minutes reading labels, but didn't find anything. :(

I know years ago the Aussie products used to say they were cruelty free, but not anymore.

At some point I'll look into making my own products (have already had some success with FSG), although I don't know if that will actually end up being cheaper, haha!

Thanks, and sorry if this info is accessible somewhere and I just missed it!


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    I really like say yes to carrots!!? It's CG friendly and cruelty free!! You can find it at walgreens and target!!
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    Try this:

    Go to the Product Reviews page ( On the left side, scroll down to Ingredient Attributes and click on all the things you're looking for. Then scroll down to Product Availability and click on Drugstore. Finally, click on Apply Filters at the bottom. There's no guarantee that what comes up will be available specifically in your area, but it's worth a shot. Good luck!
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    I'm pretty sure the Vo5 conditioners are not tested on animals.
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