Sulfate free/'cone free 2 in 1, does it exist?

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I have a toddler who I think has 3a/3b curls like me. Having done so much research into sulfates and cones for myself would really like to avoid them with her if at all possible. But she hates rinsing her hair, she could be much worse about it as an almost 2 year old, she doesn't scream or writhe or generally make it impossible but she does hate it greatly so rinsing both a shampoo and conditioner out is just almost too much to ask of her limited toddler patience. I've been using the Johnson's 2 in 1 for curly toddlers on her, which works well, but it's full of cones and I'd love to find a 2 in 1 without them. Anyone know of anything out there? (that doesn't cost an arm and a leg)

(This is her aunt holding her, not me)


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    Not sure about a 2 in 1. Have you tried to just co-wash? That's what I do for my 2yr old unless I feel she needs something more like when she rubs her food in her hair :-/

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    That's the problem. She has a very annoying habit of rubbing something gross in her hair every single day. If it's not oatmeal or yogurt in the morning, it's cottage cheese or applesauce at lunch, or dirt or sand or fingerpaint during play time, or spaghetti sauce or soup at supper. Every. Single. Day. Grrr. So a no poo routine is just not an option with her until she outgrows this putting stuff on her head stage. Otherwise I would definitely consider doing CO, but I just don't think conditioner alone could quite clean the mess her hair is by the end of the day. I may just be stuck using the Johnsons until she outgrows this thing, it's still only 2 or 3 inches long and not growing particularly quickly, I'll just hope I can start treating her curls with a little more care once they actually have some length, I don't even need to to any detangling yet hey are still such little wispies. Maybe by the time there is any length she will be past the terrible (almost) twos.
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    Lol- I have a 16 month old with 3c-4a? Hair and I had to wash it three times yesterday alone!!! I have been washing with a sulfate free shampoo 1-2x/ week (Shea moisture moisture retention) but most of the time I just use suave natural coconut conditioner- like a quarter sized amount and comb out all the dirt and sand and food.....that may work?
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    my son does that too. He is almost 2.5. I think his favorite styling product is mashed banana. It seems to have decent hold, almost good enough for me to try :lol:

    he HATES getting his hair washed. and is even in the "I do it" stage for body washing. Mostly I just use water on him. He isn't really curly though, might have waves like me and his sister but it's shorter then your daughters so I can't tell.

    Go read the thread in the hall of shame section on "CG is gross now" there is a good post on cleansers that are in regular co. I think Suave is one.....

    ETA: here is the post:
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