hair products for kids

lovechele2lovechele2 Posts: 37Registered Users
I'm looking for all hair products for my 1 month old and 4year old daughters,like shampoos and conditioners my 4 year old has 4a type hair. any Ideas?


  • cherryblossom1175cherryblossom1175 Posts: 24Registered Users
    At your kids age, they don't need any hair products, really. If your talking shampoo, I would use Loreal Kids-they're great! Or try a gentle sulfate free shampoo. If you really want to help your four year old's hair, I would use simple detangling spray or gentle frizz control gel-try the Frizz-Ease brand, or just wet it down with water, works just as well!
    Organix Conditioner
    Loreal leave-in conditioner
    As I Am Hair Milk
    As I Am Curling Jelly