2nd application of Natural Relaxer/ Treasured Locks

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Ok so I got up early this morning to do the 2nd application of Tresured Locks Natural Relaxer. I am excited to say I have a great product in my Transitioning regime. My curls are more relaxed and my hair feels healthy and strong. I also used Shea Moisture deep conditioning and the Hold and Shine moisture mist, then my feeble attempt at Bantu knots. I took some pictures so you can see what my hair looks like. You can see my curls are more defined and my hair is feels softer. I also added a tablespoon of olive to the paste.


  • fonkifonki Registered Users Posts: 353 Curl Neophyte
    Can I ask how long it takes you to apply it & Is it messy when applying?

    Also is it worthwhile doing 3 in 3 weeks as recommended?

    I've bought the kit. Just wondering if I should buy another 2 kits in prep as it takes a long time for delivery.

    I can't see yr pics from my ph. I'll have to get onto a PC to check it out. Can't wait!
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    I just feel like interjecting and saying that there is no such thing as a natural relaxer . . it's probably nothing more than a product that's a perm weakened by adding conditioner.

    FYI. Hope the product continues working for you though.
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    Were you completely natural before?
  • fonkifonki Registered Users Posts: 353 Curl Neophyte
    Any more updates???

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