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I got the idea from a youtube girl and have been using it for a few weeks.. it works great! just take a little handful of oatmeal, run your fist under water, and spread it all over your face, and rinse. it makes your skin soo smooth, tightens up the pores and keeps down acne :love7:
If you have pretty bad acne it might not work for that, but i just use oatmeal unless i notice a breakout in which case i just use gentle soap.
i've heard you can mix it with other things, like honey.. anybody done this?


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    Bubzbeauty!! I haven't tried it yet, but I will tonight.
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    I will definitely have to try this! Thanks :)

    I will also try it with honey, since my dad is a honeybee keeper, so it will probably work really well. I will post how it works for me! :D
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    Oooh cool, never thought to use oatmeal before. I think I'll definitely try this out! I've used honey on my skin before.. I've heard honey helps minimize redness and it's great for acne prone skin.
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    Love this idea!

    Gretchen co-founder

    You are beautiful!
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    I watched her video! :D
    I tried it but didnt quite like it because it was a tad too messy and clogged my drains :x
    Might re-try it.
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    You may find this old thread on a skin care routine using oatmeal interesting.
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    Itried the oatmeal facial last night. Let me tell u it made my current pimples come to a head n brought out more crap. Im glad cause that means its working. Thise pimples also stopped hurting. Thanks for the info

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    You can also make a scrub with oatmeal. I throw some in my coffee grinder (coffee is also good for skin) then mix it with lemon juice and honey. Your face feels super soft afterwards. I use it once a week.