Have any of you doen the at home gender test from CVS/ Walgreens?

shellibeanshellibean Registered Users Posts: 4,500
And if so- were the results accurate for you? I don't know why but the anticipation is killing me this time! I WANT TO KNOW!
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  • geminigemini Registered Users Posts: 3,325
    I have heard these are a waste of money--I would just wait till the 20 week U/S.
  • smashleighfigsmashleighfig Chicago IllinoisRegistered Users Posts: 83 Curl Neophyte
    I never heard of them! That's exciting though, if it works! I would be excited and impatient as well! I'm just thankful now we can find out at all! :)
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  • geminikissgeminikiss bay st louis, mississippiRegistered Users Posts: 88 Curl Novice
    This girl I know used it. She got a boy as a result and she went and bought boy clothes and everything. Turns out she had a girl. Btw. How far along are you? I found out at 16 weeks.

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  • StarrwithoutniteStarrwithoutnite Reno NVRegistered Users Posts: 1,732
    I bought one...it said girl, and I had a girl...but I wouldnt go out and buy gender related stuff based off the test. My opinion is that its right 50% of the time :) How much longer do you have to wait?
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  • murrrcatmurrrcat Registered Users Posts: 9,596
    My sis-in-law bought one and used the day after like right after she was far enough to do it, and it said boy and she had a boy.
  • mzpinkyrosemzpinkyrose Registered Users Posts: 2
    I am 6 months pregnant but when i was 10 weeks pregnant i bought one of the gender test. It told me i was having a girl. I went for my 5 month check-up and the doctor told me i was having a girl :) i think the test has a 50% chance of being correct. But the test are funn and exciting and there just one of the wonders of being pregnant.

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