high humidity & CG

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I've been mod-Cg for a few months now and up until this week was lo-poo'ing 1x per week and co-washing every 2-3 days.

But with humidity high, I'm using a harder hold gel and with my dense hair - a lot of it (HESMU). And lately, my hair doesn't feel completely clean with co-washing. I am now co-washing every other day and still not liking it. I am tempted to go back to lo-poo every wash.

Is this normal? Anything else I should try before upping the lo-poo?
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  • bliss611bliss611 Registered Users Posts: 238
    Ok - my title was a bit off.

    I am using heavier gels (they are CG) because of the high humidity to minimize frizz. But not shampooing often (like I would if I wasn't CG) is causing the problem I described. Pretty much - hair not feeling clean with co-washing.
    3B curls
    Medium texture
    Normal elasticity
    High porosity
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    I've been Lo pooing every three days or so because it's been so hot and my hair just doesn't feel clean with co washing. I say If you have to add a few more lo poos a week it wouldn't hurt anything!! :-)
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