Scalp Refresher Spray?

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I am trying to get out of the habit of washing my hair everyday.

I am getting 2nd day hair that looks good BUT my scalp feels icky and is slightly itchy-like if I just washed my hair it would feel better. (Also, sometimes the scent of what I cooked for dinner the night before lingers throughout my hair).

Is there such a thing as a scalp refresher spray? Maybe a homemade recipe that's been posted here? I don't want to re-wet all of my hair on the 2nd day. (I have Jessicurl Awe spray but that weighs down my fine hair if used at my scalp).


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    One thing to try is Bumble and Bumble tonic. If I use it on my scalp after washing (by spraying on my fingers and applying it to my scalp) my hair stays cleaner longer. It may also work well on day 2, by applying it this way. It is minty and tingly too. HTH!
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