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hello, I'm new and need some serious help with my curly hair.
since its summer, we all know how humid it gets.
my hair just seems to want to grow. My friends even joke that, like "Frankenstein", "It's ALIVE!"
it seriously gets that big.
The top layer that is exposed to the sun, has more of a wave than the rest of my hair, as the rest is totally ringlets.
It looks like I've brushed it out where its wavey.
I would like to get it cut, but the last time i did that my hair ended up looking like the Liberty Bell!
Any suggestions for the waves and the cut??

-Thanks! :)

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    A good haircut is the foundation for everything. Here's a thread by Struttswife on what to tell you stylist: Appropriate layers will help the shape a lot. Keep it from getting that "triangle" look.

    You also need to determine your hair properties. There's a thread on that will take you to Struttswife's website: Live Curly Live Free - Home that will help you determine that. Once you know your texture and porosity, you can look for people with hair like yours and see what they use (in signatures.) It's a good place to start.

    I find that using a rich product (in minute amounts) as my leave in/curl enhancer seals my hair and keeps it from absorbing water from the air and growing throughout the day.
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    My curly hair used to grow and grow east to west, too! I realized that my hair just needed way more moisture than I was giving it, so I started going all out -- TONS of rinse-out conditioner, lots of leave in conditioner, some deep conditioning treatments, pre-wash treatments with oil, and sealing with oil. My hair has been better ever since, and even though it still frizzes, it's no where near where it used to be. Curly hair is always going to frizz, but we can counteract that with a lot of moisture. You might want to experiment with some leave in conditioners and gels to help weigh your hair down a little more than the mousse. I'd suggest you try the CG method, too. It involves giving up shampoo and washing your hair with a light, cleansing conditioner to give it the moisture it needs. Here's a link to help:

    The College Curly: Laura Lee's All In One Guide to Going CG: Now Revised and Updated!

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    I too used to have that triangle head look! My top layer is more dry and a little kinkier than the rest of my hair. I am barely a wavy since the underlayer of my hair is straight but I totally know what you're talking about.

    This may sound silly but gel is the thing that really holds my poof in check. Days where I only try a styling product, it still poofs out by the end of the day. It seems like my hair is determined to do what it wants!

    As for the cut, I just have my stylist cut it dry. I never go to the same person and it's never a curly specialist. Ask for long layers and lots of them!
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