3a softness, hold

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Hey there.. I'm new so hopefully I'm doing everything right :)
i'm looking to make my hair soft, shiny, and generally just as healthy as possible.
I've got mostly 3a hair i think, a bit 2c in the back and right by my ears i have a 3b on each side, prretty cute. i just started cowashing, haven't noticed any difference at all yet. i just tried a mayo rinse and i think that defined it a bit. my hair doesn't get too greasy except for one spot on the very tip of my head. not very frizzy either, a little flyaway-ish because its very fine. it doesn't seem dry to me, but i guess it probably is. while my curls look pretty good, the texture is never that good and really inconsistent, which is why i started cowashing.
after extensive reading of product reviews :P ive decided on these things:
Loreal eversleek shampoo for low poo
Herbal essences totally twisted conditioner for cowashing
Garnier leave in condish
Aussie mousse
[FONT=&quot]Garnier cream gel
(i try to stick to drugstore stuff) so what do you think of those? i've already been using the gel, and it works pretty well, the cream makes it noncrunchy and smoothing. i like aussie products because they seem to have a lot of hold. i was also interested in the [/FONT] [FONT=&quot]Avon Advance Techniques Daily Results Mirror Shine Spray[/FONT] because im really really looking for that super nice shiney look :) sorry this was so long! if anybody has tips/tricks/products they could suggest, that'd be great:love5:
wheee, super excited to have luxurious, gorgeous curls! :blob:

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