favorite brand hair color???

curlykristxcurlykristx Registered Users Posts: 445
was given some revlon colorsilk dye now wondering...so does anyone still used box dye??? favorite brands? what about the boxed hair gloss ...anyone????

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  • littlemonster8littlemonster8 Registered Users Posts: 7
    I've tried tons and I always go back to Clairol Perfect 10. You still have to be careful with the dye and WATCH while it's in your hair but I've been blonde brunette and everything in between and the colours always turn out nice.
    If I can tell you what NOT to use it's the Garnier Herbashine - the ammonia free one, or any of the mousse ones! Just stay away TRUST me.
  • MissCurlGirlMissCurlGirl Registered Users Posts: 141
    I always use Preference by L'Oreal. Been using it for years and always happy with the way it turns out. Even after going CG.
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    My favorite by far is Garnier HerbaShine. I only use semi-permanent color since I'm not trying to change my hair color, only cover a few pesky grays. I've had the best luck with HS. It actually leaves my hair in better condition after coloring. I've tried Clairol Natural Instincts (semi) but it faded very, very fast. Everyone's hair is different and takes color differently. HS is my choice.
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    I've used and loved Color by Robert Craig for many many years! :) Gentle and covers my grays, no brassiness.
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