herbal essences totally twisted

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Hey curlies! Have any of you guys tried the Herbal Essences Totally Twisted conditioner and gel? If you have what were your thoughts on it ?


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    I have the gel. It works pretty well. Haven't used the conditioner but I would check to see if it has cones...I'm not sure.
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    I had used this in the middle of winter and it's a nice product but if you are looking for a stronger hold, it's not going to be enough.
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    I hated the gel. It did nothing for my hair. It dried crunchy and blah with no curl definition, and it didn't have nice hold. The conditioner was amazing when I wasn't CG, but it has dimethicone in it, so I had to stop using it. It was nice and rich and creamy and moisturizing and the scent was amazing, though.
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    Haven't tried the conditioner. I disliked the gel because it just left my hair stringy and hardly any hold. I am a wavy and need a hard hold gel instead!
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    I have tried the conditioner, it has lots of slip but I prefer hello hydration for curl formation
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    I use this every so often to cowash, but when I use this i know I'll have to shampoo soon because of the cone. This is I think one of the only condish I have with cones. It's ok, not sure if it's a repurchase though.
  • QuirkyCatQuirkyCat Posts: 28Registered Users
    I haven't tried the conditioner, but the gel was horrible, and made my hair look really greasy. It also burned my neck, so I couldn't wear ponytails until it healed. hth! :)
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    Thank you for all the reviews. I bought the conditioner and gel two days ago. I LOVED the conditioner, but I hated the gel . It didn't form any curls and left it frizzy.
  • ShondadiniShondadini Posts: 205Registered Users
    I haven't used the gel but I love the conditioner. I'm not cg but the cone that is in it is water soluble. It's really moisturizing and I like it as a leave in
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    I've read a lot of reviews about this, and it seems like one of those either you love it or hate it kind of product.

    I, for one, really like it - it's one of my faves, but I really only like it in the summer, when I don't need as much product. It is a lighter hold gel, but I like my curls to be soft and natural looking. IMO, Overly defined curls LOOK like they have a lot of product in them... but during the winter, or any time/place where wind or moisture might be an issues, I prefer something with a harder hold.

    I haven't tried the TT conditioner as a COwash yet. HE conditioners are hit & miss for me, but I will try it eventually. I believe most of them do have 'cones, but usually its amethidcone, which a lot of curles actually like.

    If TT doesn't work for you, try the set me up gel (harder hold) and the hello hydration and long term relationship are really good/well liked conditioners

    HTH :)
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    Love to get some more reviews of the Totally Twisted Conditioner, ladies!

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    Bah-bah-bump it, bump it real good...

    Just wanted to comment on the new Jeweled Orchid version. Love it!... and I just posted a stellar review in the product search.
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