Newbie here, need help with no-poo!

Hello all!

I'm brand new to this site, and I've been reading the posts for a while and I can't wait to try a bunch of stuff I've read. I tried going no poo with baking soda/ACV and both times my hair was weighed down, not nearly as curly, and gross feeling. I tried alot of different ratios but in the end I gave up.

I want to go no poo, I know how bad it is for my hair and body (I'm big in to holistic health), but I don't think the baking soda/ACV is going to work for me. The CO idea is intriguing, but I'm worried my hair will be weighed down again. I bought this stuff called Curl Activator by a company called 'Beautiful Curls' I think, and I've only used it once and it's a good product for my hair to make it curlier naturally.

I want Botticelli curls, but my hair is a mix of tight curls at my nape, and then some loose curls and some tighter ones. I'm actually looking for ways to make my hair more curly.

Ok so I know this is kind of a confusing post (lol), but here are my main questions:

1) I don't want to go back to BS/ACV, what are some alternatives?

2) What can I do to get my curls tighter?

- Right now I use Herbal Essences curl poo & conditioner, wash every 2-4 days, medium porosity, fine but strong hair.

Any help is appreciated, thanks ladies :compress:


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    I guess some people can get away with ACV/BS wash everyday but it can be very, very hard on your hair and is better used once a week or less.

    If you are using products with 'cones, you'll need to use a sulphate shampoo to remove them. I'm not familiar with the HE curl poo and condish but I know the poo has sulfates in it. So you're going to have to give it up to go no-poo.

    There are low poos and no poos on the market you might want to try if you're afraid of co-washing (which I have been doing for almost a year and I love it!! It never weighs my hair down at all). It might be worth giving it a shot but make sure you give it some time because it can get worse before it gets better. If your hair is used producing a lot of oils to compensate for the stripping sulfates, it will continue to produce oils until it adjusts. Then you should start to see improvement.

    I have no idea how to get your hair curlier...your hair is pretty much your hair. It will get healithier and happier with CG but I don't know that it will actually get curlier.
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