Simply Smooth Haircolor to Use for Touch up for greys???

sakigemcamsakigemcam Registered Users Posts: 2

Had SS Keratin done two weeks ago. I am very happy just to be frizz free, and don't blow dry my hair because I always let it dry naturally - my hair stayed wavy (relaxed the curl a bit) but the frizz is gone. Am neurotic about taking care of it to the point where I freak out when I work out because the salt in sweat is bad. But I HAVE to work out! :banghead:

I use the SS shampoo, conditioner and products, but need to do a touch up color (I do my own touch up between professional colors every 3 months - I just don't have the time to do the salon thing) - but cannot find a product that is sodium chloride - and/or other sodium- free. Spent half hour each at Ulta and CVS reading those teeny ingredient lists.
I want to take care of this investment really well and would SO appreciate color recommendations. My base is dark brown with 20% grey, and we color to a light brown with golden highlights.
Thank you SOOOOOmuch!!

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