Growing out my pixie cut -- I have curls again!

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I haven't been here in a while because I had a pixie cut for a few years, and my hair is nearly straight when it's that short. I ditched all my routines because I just didn't need them.

Yesterday, I noticed my hair was starting to look wavy/curly again, so I came back to the forum to read about different techniques. I never had success applying gel to dripping hair, but decided to try it today. WOW!!

I left it like that for an hour, no clips or plopping. Just dangly and yucky looking. Then I tried to pixie diffuse, but didn't have the patience. I clipped up my roots a bit, too. Here's the end result, a few hours later:


I'm beyond thrilled with these results!!! I was just about at the point where I couldn't take the growing out process anymore. This has totally changed my mind!

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    CG enabled me to get past the point where I just couldn't stand my pixie growing out. I'd been trying to get past it but would always throw in the towel and just get another haircut (usually way shorter than I asked for).

    Congrats on your success!
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    Lovely pic! Well done it takes a lot of determination to get past that akward bitty stage.
    Still experimenting!
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    What a super cute look!! I love it!!
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    I'm growing out a pixie cut as well! I've been growing it out since November and it's now a very short bob. I want to grow my hair out past my shoulders!

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