8 weeks post relaxer

3nnyone3nnyone Posts: 13Registered Users
I am like about to die. I honestly cannot wait for my hair to grow so I can chop off all of this relaxed hair. I wanna wait till August hopefully my hair will grow at least an inch more(with shrinkage). Ugh dealing with two textures is hard and combing is hell even when my hair is wet. I need some encouragement this is turning out to be slot harder than I thought.


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    I know how you feel. :/

    I'm 13 wks post relaxer and feel like cutting my relaxed ends off too! Wearing a protective style should keep your mind off your hair for a while.

    My new growth makes it tough to comb my hair, but recently I've found a new way of combing that satisfies both my relaxed and ng hair (and it hurts less!). Short, quick "rakes" from the ends to the roots really helps loosen up my new growth... sort of like how I would detangle wet hair. It certainly has helped me cut down on the amount of hair I see around my floor by a lot.

    Also, it helps to reeeeeally moisturize your hair real good before combing. Moisturizing milks really help give me a decent slip.
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    I'll be 10 weeks post tomorrow and I've been sticking with my perm rod set, I wash/condition/etc weekly and roll it up, my hair was short when I started and I didn't think I would be able to hold out, but it has really grown, which makes me wanna cut the relaxed ends off sooner but I too plan to BC in August. I get encouragement from watching you tube, so hang in there, it'll be worth it!!!!
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    Kinky Curly Knot Today is a leave in/detangler. I love this products

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    I'm also 8 weeks in and cannot wait until my hair gets long ! I'm so surprised to see a lot of tiny curls :D:D:D
    :afro: Striving towards BIG HAIR :afro:

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