Curly Hair Unmanageable and Limp????


In the last 5 months, my curly hair has become completely unmanageable! It is very thin but used to look full if i just added some mousse and diffused it. Hairspray would give it extra (crunchy) hold. Now, no matter how much hairspray i use, my hair is soft, the curl almost falls out, and it looks so thin. I can't stand it!

I believe they changed our water, and the water is extremely soft. I have tried using only a spray product, not conditioning, and a Brocato peppermint 3-step deep cleansing system. I am going to try to use my sulfate-free shampoo again (stopped using it in hard water because it didn't work).

Anyone else experience this or know what to do to get my hair back?!

I very much appreciate it!


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    You may want to start incorporating protein treatments into your routine. I would recommend the "Repair Me" from Curl Junkie. Unlike most drugstore brands (Aphogee/Joico K-Pac) this one doesn't have mineral oil.
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    Yes, PT! I do about 2 a week & I don't need to follow with a DT. I can use the Kpac though. My hair loves mineral oil. I just received Repair Me today, so I'm excited to try that out.

    My hair is fine & I can't even cowash or my roots go limp.
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    I agree with the protein!!! I would also definitely do some low-poos as well and see if that helps. You might even need to add in a sulfate wash every once in a while. I have (I'm pretty sure) hard water too and I can't co-wash at all with it. I strictly low-poo and do a sulfate wash a couple times a month.
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    Thanks I will try the protein! Sadly, i get a lot of confidence from my hair and lately it's been so frustrating! I don't know why they added water softener :(