"My hair is better than yours"

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    Wow.. Writing on your binder? That girl must have some issues, I wouldnt take that personally. That just tells me she is extremely jealous of you and that you make her feel insecure. People can be awful.
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    Yes ! I was pretty enclose myself that she said that. I won't let it get to me though. If it wasn't for this website I don't know what I would do. :O
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    Some people are insecure and feel bad about themselves and they insult other people in order to try to make themselves feel good.

    I think the people who insult your hair, especially the girl who wrote on your binder, would find something bad to say about you even if you didn't have curly hair. If you had straight hair, they would say that it was ugly and stringy, or they would find something else about you to criticize.

    You should feel sorry for people like that, because when they are older if they don't change other people are going to eventually realize what kind of people they are and they are just going to end up sad and lonley.
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    Elena, that's horrible! I second what purplesprinkles and malory said. Whoever wrote that on your binder is so immature and self-centered. It's like 3rd grade - my daddy is bigger than your daddy.

    She needs to get a life! Her life must be really unimportant and crummy if she has the time to care about someone else's hair and the nastiness to write something stupid in your binder. There's a big world out there - she needs to grow up fast and become some sort of human being instead of a sneaky troll.

    Sorry that you had that experience. Hold your head high - believe me - you are a better, stronger person than she is. She deserves pity - she's a loser.
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    wow that is so messed up and rude of those people, especially the girl who wrote on your binder. be happy to have curly hair. is is different and makes us all unique. girls that have straight hair that lies flat on their heads have nothing special or interesting to say about their hair. tons of people would love to have curly hair! that girl was probably just jealous and wanted to seem cool. don't let them get to you. there is always tons of curly haired girls you can relate to
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    Thank you. Naturally curly has made me keep my head up high. No way am I giving up on my hair !
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    *hugs* :(

    Sounds like my own school days...everyone was always trying to get me to straighten my hair, too. I never did though, and I'm thankful I had the strength not to bow to peer pressure.

    It's tough now, but you'll be glad you resisted too, someday :)
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    Dont let people bring you down. It seems to me that girl who wrote on your year book was just insecure herself.

    I am new to this board and have come across a lot of other members talking about being ridiculed for their curls. I have never experienced that kind of discrimination.

    My hair is 2b/2c and I do suffer from frizz and dryness.
    I straightened my hair for 4 years straight. It completely ruined my hair and has been a year since I have left it natural. I was a little Insecure about going curly as I was use to having poker straight hair but when I went au-natural I got loads of compliments on my waves and spirals and was the best thing I ever done.

    I hope this shows that not everyone is against curls. That yearbook girl was prob just jealous or envied your beautiful curls. Don't ever feel like your hair is not beautiful. It makes you who you are.
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  • Stormy1958Stormy1958 Posts: 99Registered Users
    They really are jealous!

    Look around at the girls during a dance like homecoming, or especially prom. I'd bet more than 70% of them who have straight hair, got it curled just for one night. And the next day they'll be complaining that their hair never holds a curl!

    They put in curlers, use hot irons, smelly hair sprays for a "special occasion" look with curly hair. We are so lucky to be naturally blessed to wear that look every day :D
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    Once, when I was in high school, a TEACHER told me something like: "You are a mess! Look at your hair!" on a day I decided to wear my hair down and my curls were looking particularly good.

    (I don't remember the words exactly. High school was a long time ago... OK, not so long, just 11 years...)

    This was a 40 year old woman talking to a 16/17 year old girl.
    There will always be stupid people who will make hurtful and ignorant comments, who want to bring down the people who are happy with the way they look. Just ignore them. Think how sad their lives must be.
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    That girl would've bought me a new friggin binder, or she would've ate it from where I shoved it up...you know, I'm gonna drop it.

    She had no right to do that. People have no regard for personal possessions or the feelings of others. How stupid. I can't believe she did that. Sounds like a typical immature, insecure girl wanting to make herself feel better. It's a shame that nothing about high school's changed.

    Keep your head up, hun. People are dumb. That's the only explanation I can give :icescream:
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    People used to talk about my hair in high school. I was mean and violent back in high school so I think you people can tell how things ended when people would try to be mean with me. Now I'm in college and no one really cares. People usually tell me I have a lot of hair.
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    JEALOUS!! That's what they are! They want those beautiful locks of curls you are sporting! :D Just put your head up and don't let them get you down!
    <3 Our love is like the wind; I can't see it. But I can feel it. <3
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    "if they don't change other people are going to eventually realize what kind of people they are and they are just going to end up sad and lonley."

    Yep, my friend who I hang out with everyday was fine at first, he has NO other friends. After two years I've had enough of him putting me down and now he has ZERO friends.
    - Nate

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    Don't you give her the satisfaction of even thinking she hurt you you hold your head up higher than its ever been when you see her! and whip your curls in her face as you pass!!

    Let us know how that goes :hello2:.
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    woooow! thats a low blow, man. watch her hair be some limp greasy mess... ahahahahahah. :toothy10: lol

    this girl once talked about me behind my back all the time. she said my hair was gross. but my friends were like " Claire's hair is beautiful!!". and the girl's hair that talked about me was sooo thick she couldnt do anything to it, extremely frieed, and sooo oily it was sad. hehehe
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    that is horrible! i used to be bullied pretty badly as a kid, n cause of my colour, (red) but looking after it and talking to other curlies have really helped :) hang in there

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    by her saying her hair was better then yours is like she is thinking she loves you hair but she is to immature to tell you.
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