Dealing with shedding

smileie16smileie16 Registered Users Posts: 3
My hair has been shedding like crazy any ideas why ?


  • IAgirlIAgirl IARegistered Users Posts: 2,540 Curl Neophyte
    Perhaps you can be more specific.
    Have you had any major changes in your life? Allergies (it's that time of year)? Did you change hair products or techniques? Start or stop taking a medication? Lose a lot of weight?

    Cute pup, by the way.
  • smileie16smileie16 Registered Users Posts: 3
    No ,i haven't made any changes well none, that i can think of but, it seems like am losing so much hair I know our hair shedds buy mines is coming out so much that am sweeping it up off the floor in my house .
    Btw thank you
  • IAgirlIAgirl IARegistered Users Posts: 2,540 Curl Neophyte
    Do your shed hairs have any root attached to them? If not, then they could be broken hairs, but this sounds pretty serious.

    People can shed excess hair as a result of a hormonal change, thyroid disease, endocrine diseases like polycystic ovarian syndrome, allergies of any kind (which you can develop at any age), and autoimmune diseases can cause hair loss. So can nutrient deficiencies like iron and zinc.

    When you experience a major change like this, it's worth getting it checked out by a doctor - especially if you cannot think of a reason for it. Sometimes people try to ignore hair loss as a sign of a problem, but don't ignore this one. Your body is telling you something.

    We can help you with how to style your hair, how to keep it healthy and looking good, but we cannot diagnose problems like this and I hope you will check this out as soon as you can.

    I'm sorry you are experiencing this problem, best wishes to you.
  • smileie16smileie16 Registered Users Posts: 3
    I will definitely get it check out I am really worried about the excess shedding. BTW thanks for your help and suggestion.

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