Transitioning Again....

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Hello All,

I am new to this website but not new to being natural.

My first transition was in 1997/98. Back then there were few sources of info for natural hair enthusiasts. Our course I bought all the books available at that time. Because of the lack of support, I eventually went back to the relaxer in 2000.

I did my second bc in Sep '02 after 4 months of transitioning from a relaxer.

I can two stand twist, flat twist with the best of them. Like many of you I had to self teach because of the lack of resources and natural stylists in my local area. At the time I was living in Texas. But I am so happy to see this site and the support all of you give each other!!!

Currently I am wearing Sisterlocs (loc'd in Sep '06) after wearing loose free flowing hair for a few years.

At this point I am giving a lot of thought to letting go of the Sisterlocs. It's almost become an obsession. Although I like my locs, right now I don't love them. I miss the feel of my natural curl and of course being self sufficient with haircare.

So I'm thinking about another bc. Target date Sep '11, my five year Sisterlocs anniversary.

My last retightening was in May. So it's been 4 weeks; typically I retighten every 4-6 weeks. I'll give it a few more months to ensure I have enough new growth for a decent twa.

I've seen on Youtube where some have tried to undo their Sisterlocs or traditonal locs to maintain their length. I've had SL/BSL hair for several years so I will initially miss the length. I didn't grow sisterlocs to obtain length. I am blessed to have hair that grows no matter what I do to it. I don't fear the bc since my hair grows fast so I know that I'll have length in no time.

I researched maybe doing a long tranisition but I don't think a long transition is going to work with loc'd ends. The new growth will certainly start to mat after a few months. I know I don't have the time or patience for that. Not to mention I don't want my hair to break off.

Looking forward to the transition again. Can't wait to feel my hair. BTW-- I think my hair type is 4a but has a touch of 3c.

Again love the site and support system.


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