What does protein do for your hair?

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Everybody wants to know before they try it - what will a PT do to my hair? Sure, you can try a little section of your hair with the PT and see how it goes first.
Raise your hand if you have the patience and impulse control for that.:joker:

So, share with us, what do protein treatments do for your hair? Were you surprised?


  • MountaincurlMountaincurl Posts: 571Registered Users
    With long hair, I could get away with not doing PTs very often as long as most of my products contained protein. Now with my short hair, it's really noticeable when I need to do a PT, which should probably be once a week.
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    2cFii (fia), normal/normal, bleached, loves protein.
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    When I first started cg, I did a pt and dt per recommendations. There was so much going on with transitioning, product choices, and technique experimentation that I don't think I realized how much it does for me.

    I can now tell when I need to do one again. My hair gets all fluffy and flyaway with an almost straight canopy (which is my trouble spot). When this first happened I wasn't sure what was going on. It took me a couple of days before I thought, "hey, maybe I need a PT". The next time it happen, it only to the one day for me to identify the clues.

    When I do a PT now I call it my "protein perm". I think once every week to 10 days is what I need.
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    I use a lot of protein in my hair.. I co-wash with Mane-n-Tail (which is protein heavy) probably 3-4 days a week. Even then, I still do a dc weekly with protein, and my hair loves it. I have highlights so maybe that's why my hair can tolerate so much protein at this point. Also I have nearly invisible individual strands, so they really need as much protein as they can get.
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  • IAgirlIAgirl Posts: 2,540Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    My hair was low elasticity and I would hear "snap, snap, snap" when I combed it. Too much brushing and sunlight and washing in the past! After a few PTs, when I would get loose (wet) hairs in the shower and tug on them, they stretched like rubber bands and bounced right back. Wow.
    PTs make my hair hold its curls better and in products, give my fine hair more volume and definition.
  • afrosheenqueenafrosheenqueen Posts: 5,400Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Protein gives me more volume and better moisture retention. Something else: This only happened last month to my reckoning so I'm not sure if it was the protein or something else but it GREATLY reduced my tangles. I was about to cut my hair off. After the PT is was never an issue again.
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  • finaleofseemfinaleofseem Posts: 900Registered Users
    When I have enough protein in my hair, it's curlier, needs less hold/product, and retains moisture better (thus reducing frizz). I think that the increased curl formation also helps provide volume, which is really key since my hair has gotten longer. I remember fighting the volume when I had a bob, and now I love it, because I don't get triangle head anymore. :)
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    PT: SS Repairing Protein Treatment
  • SpiralliSpiralli Posts: 3,684Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Seems to make my hair softer, shinier, and it feels and acts stronger. My hair doesn't break as easily, acts a bit more flexible/resilient. My curls form/clump better. And I get less frizz.

    I only do a protein DT about 1x per month. I am thinking of changing to every other week.
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  • asianrunnerasianrunner Posts: 2,251Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    PTs seem to help my waves tighten a bit. I also get a bit a root volume which is always nice!
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  • GreatcurlsGreatcurls Posts: 1,784Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    Protein treatments make my hair softer, stronger, less tangled, shinier, and I see a stronger curl definition.
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     *This list is not exhaustive...
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    DT: various
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  • sweety10189110sweety10189110 Posts: 129Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    Everything listed above!
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  • chicklegirlchicklegirl Posts: 40Registered Users
    My haircolor takes better, especially on the stubborn grays, if I do a PT a couple days before I color, followed by a DT.

    I also find that I need more protein in the winter, since I live in a really dry climate with low dewpoints and a lot of wind. I have to cut out humectants and add more protein to my routine to keep my hair from feeling like straw and getting all tangled.

    Summer isn't so bad; I PT once a month, and use Giovanni Smooth As Silk Xtreme Protein Hair Infusion, which I started using recently, and I LOVE.
    2b/F/ii canopy/front, with a bit of 2c/M-C/ii behind the ears and at the nape. Low elasticity, mixed porosity.

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  • artemis513artemis513 Posts: 666Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    PTs give my hair "substance". Having fine hair strands, it has the potential to feel flyaway and non-existent. Whenever I rinse out the PT in the shower, I smile because the strands feel thicker and stronger. Then when I add a moisture leave-in I get perfect curls/coils. Boing-y and shiny.

    Also, since I have been using PTs weekly, my hair is virtually tangle free and the amount of shed hair I lose from detangling is minimal (and it takes no time to do). Oh and I get better second day hair.

    Ok, that's it :)
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  • JoliePoetiqueJoliePoetique Posts: 178Registered Users
    Too much causes my hair to come out. That's why I gave up on Shea Moisture. A little when I have been overconditioning or before heat styling is perfect.
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    Moisturizers: QB Burdock Root or Amla Heavy Oil
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  • DedachanDedachan Posts: 1,644Registered Users Curl Neophyte
    I remember reading somewhere that elasticity was directly related to how you balance moisture and protein treatments. I don't know how accurate that was, but my hair does seem to become excessively elastic to the point where it strechtes and snaps when I brush it... if I moisturize it. If I use protein, the strands become stronger, but not so rigid that they break. Also, my hair feels softer, somewhat shinier and better defined with proteins.

    Alas, even after this realization I felt tempted to try one of those pantene 3 minute moisturizing treatments (everyone was raving about them) and voilà, I have fuzzy hair all over again. :cry:
  • WavyTinaWavyTina Posts: 54Registered Users
    Protein gives my hair more volume and curl, makes it shinier, less fizzy, and stronger, and makes wash n' go's possible. :D
    2b waves
    Medium texture, high porosity
    Bronde & shoulder length, trying to grow it past my shoulder blades.
    Went natural on June 4th, 2010
    My hair is hungry for PROTEIN!! :munky2:
  • OnduleeOndulee Posts: 1,305Registered Users Curl Connoisseur
    +10 to all the positive remarks above. I have nothing negative to say about PT's. I use them at least twice a week, really strong ones too.

    I'm dying to mix up IAgirls gelatin PT....
    shoulder length bob; fine; 3A-3B; thin density; normal porosity; normal elasticity- my hair loves keratin, ACV, silk protein ,Curlkeeper and AG:Recoil ; needs moisturizing products and hates oils except mineral oil; CG- Jan/'09-mod CG Sept/'09;CG again Jan/'10/mod CG from Mar'10

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