Overwhelmed by product choices

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I am about 3 weeks into transitioning and am having the hardest time deciding on products. Because of this, I have been using up what I have on hand - which are not the best options. My hair is feeling drier and I am having tangling problems.

There are just so many choices that it is overwhelming! I have read a million reviews, read the ingredients of every hair-related product in the natural foods store and more.

It seems KCCC is a popular product and I read that there is a generic version at Sally - does anyone know the name of the generic? I went in there and came out even more confused.

No doubt, I am over-thinking this. I have no idea what the porosity of my hair is or if I am protein sensitive.

Any thoughts?

Hair style is the final tip-off whether or not a woman really knows herself.
~ Hubert de Givenchy
(Finding myself via CG :read2:)
2b-3b and a little of everything in between.
Texture: fine-medium
Porosity: slightly high
Elasticity: lowish
Nothing about my hair fits nicely into any category.

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  • Wavy_Girl1116Wavy_Girl1116 Posts: 209Registered Users
    I know how you feel!!! I'm in the same boat!!!!!!! :-)
    Type- 2a
    Texture- Fine
    Porosity- Normal
    Elastisity- Normal
    Density- Medium

    CO- Vo5 kiwi lime squeeze, various sauve conditioners, loreal evercurl cleansing co.
    Style- beautiful curls wave enhancing leave-in, pure and clean gel, Shea moisture smoothie
    Techniques- plopping
    CG since- Jan. 15th 2013

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