Wish my hair would grow quicker....

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I've been transitioning for a couple months now. I used a ceramic flat iron....and surprise surprise,I have heat damage. Well I stopped using it Octoberish. I'm now seeing some growth. I just wish it would grow quicker so I can have curly hair again.



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    Well, at least you know the flat ironing thing is a big nono while transitioning. I'm 13 wks post relaxer and stopped flat ironing around the 6-7th week when I realized that the only way to get my NG somewhat straight is by going over 375 degrees on my iron, and I wasn't fittin' to go any higher than that!

    Just try and stay away from heat and start taking better care of your hair. Air drying, deep conditioning, cowashing, etc. often will help with the transition. Try wearing protective styles too. I'm gonna get braids next month and wear em until August. Then I'll BC for college.
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    There's so much good info on this forum.

    I've heard that aloe Vera is good for promoting hair growth. Also some people on this forum have recommended castor oil, hair fertiliser etc.

    Do a search & you'll find so much good 1st hand experiences/info
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    Guess what? Your gaiter can grow faster!!! There's a catch though, you gotta keep that iron as far away from your hair as possible. When you iron, your hair is growing but tourer causing so much breakage that ther ends ate breaking off and your growth isn't visible. I, too learned this the hard way. They next secret to growth is stop doing anything that causes damage to your hair. Im not cg because I actually like what cones do to my hair, but a sulfate free shampoo is a must! The sulfate makes curly hair even drier than it already is, and personally I garter that rough waxy feeling hair..yukk!! Next, be veeeeery gentle when detangling. This will keep breakage to a minimum. I recommend a denman d4, they detangle properly and distribute product evenly through the hair. In my experiences, wide tooth combs pulled my hair out instead of detangling. The last secret is moisture, moisture, moisture! Pre poo with an, use a nice moisturizing conditioner (and leave it all for simplicity purposes) and moisturize your ends every day. Once you master these few simple steps you'll be on your way to being the curly Rapunzel! Good luck!!!

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