So my son says...

inheritedcurlsinheritedcurls Registered Users Posts: 2,954 Curl Connoisseur
I don't want a sister anymore.

Me: What are we going to do with her?

Him: Take her back.

Me: Where?

Him: To the hospital where she came from.


On a different day:

Him: So Mr. John has 3 kids.

Me: Yes.

Him: You and Daddy only have 2 and Addison

Me: That's right. Do you want another brother or sister.

Him: I don't know about that.


Amazing the conversation you can have with your 4 1/2 year old. Anybody else have some funny conversations lately?


  • SigiSigi Registered Users Posts: 2,379
    Not really a conversation, but Soren, who will be 3 in August, has picked up a few colorful expressions. We've been watching The Wonder Years reruns on the Hub channel. They (Wayne and Kevin) call each other butt head a lot on that show, and one episode they said, "shut up, butt head!" a bunch. Then he started saying it too. So I'd tell him " no bad words, be nice." So now he wanders around saying "Shut up bu'head no bad words be nice." like one big long word.
  • mad scientistmad scientist Registered Users Posts: 3,530 Curl Neophyte
    Sandhya is severely speech delayed and at 3.5 years old is just starting to put words together.

    Sandhya (pointing): "horsey!"

    Me: "What's horsey doing?"

    Sandhya: "Horsey eating!!"

    Me: "What's horsey eating?"

    Sandhya: "Horsey eating French fries!!"

    Even though she knows horses eat grass/hay, every time I ask her, some other random food will come out of her mouth: crackers, roti, bananas...

    Its just such a big step that she can use her words to make a joke. :love5:
  • inheritedcurlsinheritedcurls Registered Users Posts: 2,954 Curl Connoisseur
    I'm so glad she's beginning to talk mad scientist!! That is awesome!

    Sorin...that is funny. My son changes the pronounciation of a word or something that rhymes with it when he knows it's a bad word he's not suppose to say.
  • PrettyLady24PrettyLady24 North CarolinaRegistered Users Posts: 336
    Reina has been saying Aww Man for a while now! When she gets out of bed, she has to leave her pacifier and stuff giraffe behind. When I tell her to say bye bye, she drops him as goes 'Aww Man!'
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  • cymprenicympreni Registered Users Posts: 9,609 Curl Neophyte
    My husband is a tease and a joker. He's always messing with them like yesterday he tried to convince them that we were having cat food for supper and asking them what flavor they wanted. They are finally starting to come up with some good comebacks.

    K: Dad, you're being like an idiot.
    DH: How am I being an idiot?
    K: you know, by being you
  • subbrocksubbrock Registered Users Posts: 8,212
    An exchange we had last night reminded me of this thread. Majerle was playing and accidentally hit the baby in the face. Eliza wasn't hurt and really wasn't even phased by it but M felt so bad she started crying and hid under a pillow. I told her that E was okay and forgave her so the whole thing was a non issue. 10 minutes later:
    M: I think 'Liza is still mad at me.
    Me: What makes you say that?
    M: Because she won't forgive me.
    Me: Well what do you think I should do about it?
    M: Beat her.

    Right. I'll get right on that.

    Blame it on the cell phone...
  • inheritedcurlsinheritedcurls Registered Users Posts: 2,954 Curl Connoisseur
    LOL!! That is funny Subbrock!
  • cymprenicympreni Registered Users Posts: 9,609 Curl Neophyte
    K: I think I'm allergic to chicken.

    Me: Why do you think that?

    K: Because I sneeze when I eat it. Carrots make me sneeze too. You're not supposed to eat things you're allergic to. So can I have pizza for supper instead?
  • SpiderSpider Registered Users Posts: 3,381 Curl Neophyte
    We were cutting up and burning a big pile of sticks and son's job (4) was to carry the cut sticks to where Dad would come and get them to put in the fire. After about an hour of this carrying, I say to him " You are doing awesome with the sticks buddy!" Son says, " Yea, I've been working out".

    Another day " what is this pimple on my neck!? I'm too young to have pimples!!" It was a mosquito bite.

    He is a crack up.
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  • BrettyUBrettyU Registered Users Posts: 930
    I love reading everyones convos!

    Today my very vocal son and I were on a playdate with his cousin she's 4 my son is 2.

    Me "buddy why don't you go play with your cousin?"

    Him"no thank you"

    "why not hunnie?"

    "hurs not riddy (really) fun" (looks down sadly)

    "why isn't she fun"

    (very loudly) "her can't even play nice!!"

    I love my niece but she an extremely mean spirited child, it's a shame a 2yr old can see that.

    On a separate occasion
    "1,2,3,4,5,6,11...8,9,10,11, hey! Weven again?!?" (holds up both of his pointer fingers) "hummm yep two wevens"

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