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3nnyone3nnyone Posts: 13Registered Users
I have seen on posts that alot of people are undecided on baggying. Some love it, some hare it and some could care less. Can you tell me how you do it and why you feel the way you feel about it. I want to try it but all of the negativity about it is holding me back.


  • curlsr2funcurlsr2fun Banned Posts: 269Banned Users
    What is baggying?
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  • karasposakarasposa Posts: 69Registered Users
    baggying- moisturizing your hair at night, putting a baggy on top of it, then going to sleep

    I did it a few years ago when I first went natural.

    Now that I know what I know about my hair, I can look back and say that I did it wrong.

    I tried it with wet hair + conditioner, wet hair + moisturizer, dry hair + conditioner, dry hair + moisturizer, put on my baggy and went to bed. Each time, I woke up with hair that was mushy and frizzy. My problem was that I was afraid of protein and I used a DC that didn't have any protein in it. So, my hair ended up over-moisturized.

    Reasons that I probably won't try it again:

    I don't think that my hair needs it
    It was difficult to get any sleep with the rustling of the baggy
    Some of the product dripped onto my face and broke out my skin.

    I do know some folks that swear by it. The only way to really know if it;s for you is to give it a try. What;s the worst that could happen.
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  • belwillcoilybelwillcoily Posts: 303Registered Users
    I came out of my locs a little over a year ago and because I have naturally dry tresses I did try the baggy method on my whole head for awhile.

    It didn't work out too well for me mainly because my scalp is sensitive and doesn't like anything sitting on it for prolonged amounts of time. The disposable plastic shower cap I wore blocked escape of the water and oils I put on before going to sleep and it would just drop right right back down on my scalp where it would start to itch like crazy. I'd spend all night waking up from alternate scratching and the rustling sound of the baggy. Needless to say, I wasn't a happy camper in the morning due to lack of sleep. :coffee:

    And though my hair was soft and moisturized when I first woke up, it wouldn't last. My hair would be just as dry as ever by the end of the day if not sooner. In fact, the dryness was worse than when not using the baggy at all mainly due to the fact that I also sweat in my head a lot. Sweat has salt in it which is drying to my hair anyway. So when the water and oil would evaporate during the day after an all night baggying session, it would leave behind the salt from my sweating the previous night. Not good...:hmph:

    Now, on the other hand, Chicoro hooked me on baggy for the ends of my hair. This works out much better for me and keeps my ends in relatively good shape. I don't get as many SSKs when I baggy the ends consistenly and very few splits. Also, my scalp can be exposed to air and breathe except for the little section where the hair is pulled back into a bun (with the baggy over it) and I can't lie, it does itch there sometimes like crazy.

    I still sweat on my scalp a lot (due to frequent exercising) and my hair is dense. But shampooing with diluted shampoo once a week, frequent scalp massages, and baggy of the ends only during the day have helped tremendously.

    Chicoro keeps her baggy on all week until her next wash day. I take the baggy off at night, spritz with distilled water then give myself a good scalp massage (if I'm not too sleepy). I seal with a small amount of avocado oil or castor and jojoba oil (when it's colder outside) then gently pull all the hair back into one big yet snug two strand twist. I put on my satin scarf to flatten and keep the edges neat and to keep my hair from rubbing against the cotton pillowcase I like to sleep on and call it a night.

    Anyway, you may want to try baggy on the ends to start and see how your hair tolerates that. If it seems to like it, try baggy for the whole head. Like someone else said, some of this stuff you'll only learn works if you try it. Whether it works or not, though, your hair won't be harmed so you have nothing to lose by trying. Right?

    :afro: Me Fascina El Pelo :afro:

    Low Porosity; Medium Strands; Dense

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