Self Esteem, Motivation and Confidence!

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I am in desperate need of this!!! I really want to get my BC so that I can just b free to take care of my natural hair but right now I only have like 2 inches of new growth and i am so scared of being ugly once I do it or what if my hair is just entirly too short!??? What if I regret it until its long enough and im just miserable!? I just need some encouraging words! Thanks girls!!


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    If you're not sure then just wait a few more months. But a bit of advice I would give is that confidence comes from within. If you feel confident then people feed off that. Just embrace your hair girl and don't worry about what people say. I really hope this helps.

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    I agree... I didnt BC but I did a series of smaller chops which fed my scissor happy need. I usually have wigs or weaves but I took a break.. and even though im still new to this.. the humiodity killed my do.. and I know people were looking at me side eye.. I felt FREE.. it felt great.. I found myself not giving two rats behinds what anyone thought.

    Its alot of work.. so I had my week of freedom and its out of sight and out of mind agian.. but dont be afraid... like the post above me says wait a few months till your ready but dont ever be ashamed:hello2:
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