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I am 5months post relaxer I stopped getting relaxers because my hair is severly damaged and refuses to grow. I started out wearing t senegalese twists and I usually wear a sew in. when I am between protective styles I have no idea what to do to my hair it is very short in the back and about right below my ear in the front right now I use motions conditioner africas pride oil tea,tree oil ORS smooth n hold pudding ORS edge control and CURLS passion fruit sculpting paste...and I usually wear a pony tail when I am between styles but I worry about losing my edges..i have tried twistouts and braidouts and failed at both


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    Braid outs or twist outs are very hard to accomplish on transitioning hair. It mostly depends on your skill or ability to style your own hair. If all else fails, buy a wig that you are comfortable with, braid your hair underneath (it doesn't have to be pretty) and rock that look. I often wear them because they are a great protective style and they are quick and easy. Also, a very great yet time consuming style is genie locs. I do mine myself and they last about six to eight weeks, in which case you can redo your perimeter and keep them longer. There is a great tutorial on youtube by blackonyx77. Learning to do styles like this can be a great asset.

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    I understand what you are talking about.It seams that when you have short hair and lot's of new growth your hair just can't look as good because you can't bun it whenever you have a bad hair day and some styles just don't work out.Some styles that will is cornrows,braids and Bantu knot outs .
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