COs / reconstructors containing Keratin for FINE hair needs?

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This thread was originally posted here: but someone suggested I post it in the general section to get more response.

My purpose is to get the opinions of people with fine hair versus everyone and anyone since we have extra picky hair nutrition needs. But hey, anyone is free to weigh in! :)

My very fine hair is dull, and I want to change that by trying Keratin. Another reason I'm interested in using Keratin is because I straighten my hair occasionally, and the result looks like dry and fried. Keratin is known for adding shine and lessening frizz. Additionally, Keratin products seem to usually contain proteins, which is beneficial for fine hair. However, there are several reasons why I do not want a salon-done Keratin treatment. Instead, I'm thinking a simple product with Keratin may boost my shine and decrease the 'straw hair' effect.

That said, here's some products that I think may help. Note that they are NOT 'keratin treatments'. Instead, they are COs, deep COs, or sprays that happen to contain Keratin of some sort. I was careful to pick products that have keratin near the top of the ingredient list (that means there's a higher %age of that ingredient in the product).

If you have tried these, please give your review :) Click the links to view the product ingredients:
-ApHogee Intensive 2 Minute Keratin Reconstructor
-ApHogee Keratin and Green Tea Reconstructor (reviewers loved this. Many use it in conjunction with straightening).
-Biotera Leave-In CO for Normal to Dry Hair
-AGEbeautiful Fullness and Body Conditioner
-Beyond the Zone Protein Cocktail
Low/Med porosity, very fine, low/med elasticity & density, 3A
AKA hard to work with hair!

Low-Poo: Kenra Volumizing shampoo, AG Fast Food shampoo
CO: AG Ultramoist, AO GPB, Nature's Gate Aloe Vera
Gel: GFCC mousse, HETT, Aquage Megagel
Also: Aloe Vera juice or Alba Leave-in. Weekly ACV rinse.
Wishlist: YTC low-poo, Elucence poo, Bioterra Curl Creme, AGEbeautiful Strengthening trtment, SS Repairing Protein Trtment, LuxyHair ext's

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