Finally getting somewhere BUT have some q's (pics)

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So I ordered some of the Enso products, and so far theyve been the best. I washed her hair while in old twists with a mixture of shampoo and conditioner. Then i applied the cacao onto her hair. I then started to undo the twist and fingercomb it. It was amazing!!. She didnt cry not one tear,her hair was so soft with the cacao on. I then loosely twisted it, put a cap on and left for about an hour., rinsed it off then i put some of their leave in (another great product) I noticed that her hair only clumps starting at around 3-4 inches away from her scalp. Ive never quite realized that. But her hair is SSSOOO dry near her scalp. Why would it be dryer there then her ends, and what else can i do to moisturize it.



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    This might sound like Im being a smartasz but honestly Im not: Are you adding the product on her roots/scalp? That works for me. I also oil my scalp.
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    Is she transitioning? Do you heat style? That may be her new growth texture or heat altered texture. When I dyed my hair the hair closest to my scalp was drier than the ends. I had to up my deep conditioning bi weekly and nurture it extra hard.

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    I heat style about once every 2-3 months. But her hair has always been like this, I had just never pinpointed the issue. I've always noticed how thick the hair near her scalp was and how thin it looked like at the ends. Even before the heat styling. I just always thought it was split ends. But I recently cut about 5 in of hair, this is the healthiest her hair has looked. Its soooo dry on her roots.
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    Two things I can think of:
    1. The hair hangs looser towards the ends because of the stretch(don't know if this is true).
    2. Her hair has memory with the parts that were there longer(the ends), and it knows how to clump much easier there.

    I don't know if these are true but it what I have heard people talking about before... about the memory and the stretch to the hair.
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    To be honest, her hair does look like someone who is transitioning but I think it could be partly a porosity issue. I have to run warm water over my hair 4 to 5 minutes to open the cuticle before applying my cowash. Otherwise the product sits on my hair on rather than soaking into my hair. I end with a cool rinse to close the cuticle.

    I know you said you don't think it's heat damage but I've heard that heat (like chemicals) can make hair more porous. That could be why her ends are getting moisture and her roots aren't.
    I'd try some very good moisture dcs.. and some coconut oil at her roots.
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