Softer Curls With Lots of Hold?

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I find my hair really frustrating.. It's 3b-ish, and just terrible. Pretty much every morning I'm forced to rinse it, condition, then spray with a combination of detangler and gel. THEN, non-aerosol hairspray and use the blowdryer.

Even though I use the non-aerosol and don't let my hair fully airdry, it always ends up crunchy, which I hate. I want softer curls that bounce instead of hair that looks and feels like it's made of lead. I've tried mousse (doesn't have enough hold) and not using hairspray at all, but both just led to my hair frizzing.

Any tips or ideas?


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    Are you using the CG method? If you not, start there. Also, don't bother with hairspray, curls respond better to gel. Once your hair is dry, I you can scruch out the crunch, meaning you gently break up the gel cast that forms by scrunching your hair with dry hands.

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    Scrunching out the crunch will work wonders for loosening super tight, crunchy curls. Just gently scrunching hair that has dried completely (occasionally with the assistance of a pomade or oil, like Jane Carter Nourish and Shine). You get a lot of moisture, and looser curls. Win.
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    Back away from the hairspray. Definitely use gels instead. This thread will help you get started:
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    Thanks, I'll definitely try forgetting the hairspray, see how it turns out. Scrunching sounds like a good idea too.